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Tagged: / Posted: 17 December 2008

The front page of the Metro newspaper yesterday (Dec 16th 2008) had a nice picture of someone from Strictly Come Dancing (fair enough, it's in the news right now) with a one paragraph caption which read: Strictly Come Dancing finalist Rachel Stevens poses at the launch of Virgin Media's 50Mb high-speed broadband service in London yesterday. If you worked for Virgin Media, you couldn't have asked for more. Any yet, what was the justification for mentioning the company, product and supposed benefit of said product in one little paragraph?

Tagged: / Posted: 24 November 2008

Morning Star. November 21, 2008

Agents of war. Hunting out low people in high places. Solomon Hughes investigates how
British papers did Bush's dirty work.

Tagged: / Posted: 28 September 2008

Hello Nick,

I edit a magazine about illegal drugs called Druglink. I am one of the few journalists in the country who is able to carry out investigations, and i love it. Anyway, i thought your book  was great. Below is a classic example of what you say is going on across the UK, which i bumped into while looking into the police-drug dealer merry-go-round. Look at the story (complete with picture byline) in the the local paper, the Mansfield Chad and then look at the Notts Police press release. Hey presto! Pot Noodle journalism.

Tagged: / Posted: 23 September 2008

Here's an example of PR at its most brazen - an email to a national newspaper journalist from a PR outfit:

Tagged: / Posted: 9 August 2008

The daughter of Rupert Murdoch has recently been appointed a Trustee of the Tate in succession to Jon Snow. During the latter's term the Tate received plenty of publicity on Channel 4 News. Some Tate publicity has been wildly inaccurate (such as the front page headlines in The Independent that it had discovered thousands of works by Turner, which was wildly untrue). The journalists involved avoided responding and the papers published no corrections. Some may assume that art museums are generally ethical and have little to gain by managing the news. How wrong they are!

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