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Tagged: / Posted: 20 February 2009

Here's an interesting account of how the Ministry of Defence managed to ramp up the seizure of £78,000 of heroin in Afghanistan into a major bust worth £50 million (not to mention the extra propaganda value):





Tagged: / Posted: 5 February 2009

 A reader of Flat Earth News spotted the following story on the BBC website. It raises some questions about how it was set up. Or, as the reader put it: "Are these old grannies getting some form of 'kickback' for this? Or a free Nintendo?"


Tagged: / Posted: 5 February 2009
  • AP foreign, Thursday February 5 2009


Tagged: / Posted: 2 February 2009

An interesting couple of paragraphs from the Press Gazette column of February 2009 by Camilla Wright, editor of Popbitch, who knows a little bit about how celebrity PRs like to operate:

 "Increasingly, the celebrity's PR team includes 'a social media manager' who is employed to write the star's Twitter feed and market them through Facebook groups, among other duties.

Tagged: / Posted: 19 January 2009

From the brisbanetimes.com.au: The story of a woman who supposedly tattooed an advertisement for the Great Barrier Reef on her arm to win a dream island job was concocted by Tourism Queensland, it has been revealed. The fake YouTube video is just another example of Australian advertising agencies' "crude" use of social media to promote brands, a marketing expert says. more: http://tinyurl.com/7u8yvr

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