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Tagged: / Posted: 24 April 2009

Have a look at this as an example of the depths to which desperate PRs will stoop (and perhaps to which desperate reporters also will stoop if any of them felt the need to use this as a news story):






Tagged: / Posted: 24 April 2009

An interesting story about obsessive PR activity around a controversial court case in Australia, as reported by the Australian:



Tagged: / Posted: 21 April 2009

This is how scientists end up being embroiled in dodgy PR stories. This is a little come-on from the London PR company Borkowski, currently displayed on the website of the supposedly respectable British Sociological Association and being circulated to the association's members.


Tagged: / Posted: 2 April 2009

Here's a horribly revealing post from a PR site, written by a local authority press officer, reflecting quite a few of the themes from Flat Earth News:


Tagged: / Posted: 4 March 2009

This is what passes for an arrest story in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA.


Local guy, but no mention of his business name and no attempt to find out what he has to say about the charges.

The reporter barely bothered to mix around the words of the official press release:


What's worse, I tried to post the above on the paper's public forum, but the entry never appeared.

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