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Tagged: / Posted: 17 March 2008

Sir, I read your book twice. Thank you. It reflected most of my private thoughts on news and dis-information. It is years that I have stopped being polluted with the same formatted news published on most news bulletins, papers and so on. It seems that we could replace the term of journalist with blind copyists and there would be no difference. In 1980's, living in London, I used to read 1-2 papers per day. Now, living in continental Europe, I hardly bother to read the day’s paper and never buy one. Radio is my primary source of news. TV is a complement to watch documentaries but not necessary for news. The days that BBC was good have long gone. We might all have hundreds of TV news-channels, dozens of free papers and on the top the internet, the result is just formatted news over and over again. There is no assessment, no context and no common sense. I know some parts of the world and the discrepancies between real news in those parts and what is presented in our polluted media are sobering. Today, my first reflex to any head-line is:” Who benefits from such news? Why X is portrayed as a villain?” The right to information is a pleonasm for the right for garbage. The freedom of expression has been abused along it and replaced by freedom to manipulate. The young generation, masters of all kind of multi-media gizmos, eat up formatted news but do not master them. They just digest them like the pre-cooked meals they buy. There are still very good journalists around the world but we do not hear them enough. Their reports are confined to the paper they write in, or the documentaries aired at mid-night or books that we read couple of years later, when it is too late to change the perceptions. I am privileged because I practice three languages and can compare points of view but then I hardly see, say, a good British journalist’s material translated into French or vice-versa. For British and French media, German reporting simply does not exist. C’est pourri et c’est bien triste. Yours Amir Calvin (average citizen)

Great stuff

Added: 3 May 2009

I think this is the most important book published for years, please keep pushing to expose how the media works. It after all, influences all our lives in some way or other.

I agree totally with Mr Humphreys to paraphrase;

'read this before you ever read another newspaper'!

Well done Nick Davies. I going to buy more paperback copies and distribute them at my workplace drinks cooler!

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