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A very important and long awaited book

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Tagged: / Posted: 3 August 2008

At last, a journalist with their head above the parapet. I've long suspected that the newspapers in the UK (where I live) and some newspapers in particular, are actually quite subversive and indeed dangerous in their misinformation, half truths and sometimes outright lies. This book explains how this is more complicated than merely pushing an agenda (although that does happen) but also derives from financial pressures and sheer sloppy work! The worrying thing is that it's easy to see how many people form or have their views reinforced by newspapers. Well done Nick Davies, I agree with Jon Humphreys, if you read newspapers you should read this book.

Where do we find real news?

Added: 22 September 2008

There is no easy answer. Personally, I have become a media hermit. I read the Guardian, because I work for it, so I need to keep track of what's going on in the paper; and also because (regardless of the fact that it happens to pay me the money which keeps me afloat), I think it's more likely than most to be a reliable source, because it is owned by a trust and is, therefore, somewhat more free of the commercial pressures which are inflicting so much damage on news generally. The rest of the news media, I deliberately ignore. Even so, I read the Guardian sceptically and, if there is a story which matters to me, then I take time to check it in any reasonable way so that I can come to my own conclusion.

 One point that may be worth adding is that I don't share the enthusiasm in some quarters for blogs and citizen journalism as an alternative source of reliable news. There are good sources in there, but there is also a mass of drivel as well as considerable intrusion from PR campaigns and government agencies, including intelligence agencies, injecting self-serving falsehoods into the blogosphere. No easy answer.



The Courage to Tell the Truth - at last!

Added: 21 September 2008

I can only echo the recent comments about this book - it should be required reading for ... well, everyone really who feels they are being lied to, hoodwinked and misled. You have done a brilliant job, Mr. Davies - thank you! I am only a third of the way through and already I am fairly disgusted by what I have read. What I would like to know is ( and perhaps this will be answered later in the book ), where do we go to the most accurate, unbiased information? Television news has been dumbed down and I'm not so sure about radio's contribution either. Any suggestions please?

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