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A must read! (apologies for the cliche)

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Tagged: / Posted: 22 June 2009

I've finished a masters degree last year and can't believe 'Flath Earth News' wasn't the first book on the list! For sure it's important to read about theories, influence, McLuhan and so on. But this book really gave me insight in some of the journalistic practices of today. Besides the new things I read I was mainly surprised in the way that the book opened my eyes. I'll never read a paper or watch the news the way as I did before. 'Flat Earth News' didn't tell me much I didn't know or suspect already but it gave some clear examples and structure to ideas that had being laying in front of me all the time...

You're right this book is a

Added: 7 July 2009

You're right this book is a must have. It completely changed the way I viewed journalism.

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