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Should we give them what they want, or what we think they should have?

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Tagged: / Posted: 24 March 2009

Haven't read all the book yet but have been interested in the circular nature of the problem of changing perceptions and paradigm shifts for a long time. I used to work for the BBC. There used to be a mythical "board" question. (A board is a job interview at the BBC.) Should we give them (the public) what they want, or what we think they should have? The answer is "neither, we must give them the best we can do." And it's a philosophy that is very much in decline in mainstream media. There's another maxim: "Truth is the first casualty of war." As there are so many conflicts now, so many "wars" large and small, concern for truth seems childish. Everyone is trying to promote their agenda, and whatever tactic they can use to move the zeitgeist in their direction is seen as acceptable. Estranged Dads dressed as superheroes being a good example. It's PR whoredom. But what can be done?

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