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Tagged: / Posted: 23 July 2009

I bought the book because I am writing a book about AIDS and I wanted to gain some insight into why the media refuses to report on the fact that a large number of well-qualified scientists reject the theory that AIDS is caused by a virus. The result of this myth is widespread. People are in jail because they tested positive on an invalid test; Africa has been terrorized into believing that its endemic diseases are caused by a virus; people have committed suicide because they believe that HIV+ve = AIDS = death. And the whole thing is a scam.

I recently found out that the scientists in the climate change arena who do not think "global warming" is man made are treated the same way by the media. They are dismissed as "deniers" and therefore not worth listening to. Like AIDS no one is interested in their evidence. For example, the population of polar bears has increased 2% over the last years. And in an Africa devastated by AIDS the population has increased 2-4% depending on the country.

And where are the media in all this? Repeating the party line of the businesses who stand to profit -- Big Pharma in the case of AIDS and Insurance in the case of climate change.

Thank you Nick. I got what I wanted


Added: 14 August 2009

Seems that's not quite the story: the story as I understand it (what they call the 'minority view') is that HIV is not what causes AIDS but probably a harmless opportunist virus often present in people who have AIDS; and that whatever AIDS may be has something to do with drug toxicity. The main gripe with HIV -- not AIDS -- tests is that they only test for antibodies, which proves only that you had the virus at some stage and may have recovered, and that HIV is not present in all AIDS sufferers, thus violating one of Koch's postulates and rendering the test useless. That in itself doesn't mean there's no AIDS epidemic in Africa, least of all that climate change isn't true, though I look forward to your book.

Besides the AIDS, the Swine

Added: 12 August 2009

Besides the AIDS, the Swine Flue also has become the hot issue of today. This summer I am going to study the ccna exam books.

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