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Tagged: / Posted: 22 December 2009

Nearly finished listening to it in audio, an amazing 16 cd's! Throughout my reading life their have been seminal reading experiences; this has most definitely been one. I am left with strong feelings of anger, disappointment and hopelessness and I don't really know why because I don't read anything other than business pages on my specialist area. Maybe it's due to the realisation that this book is not just about a corrupted media but the essence of our democracy; no longer can we smugly sit back and admire ourselves for our 'civilised society' when all around us is this profession which masquerades as being 'free' but in fact, with rare exceptions appears to be without principle. If I was ever fortunate enough to meet the author I would ask; Isn't it naive to constantly refer to the 'truth', most intelligent people who have had reasonable life experience surely know that the 'truth' is just a series of grey issues. I find this expectation slightly worrying. What their must be surely is some sort of moral imperative, it is so obvious from this work that their needs to be something done. I for one will be doing what I can. Thanks for a great book Douglas Niven

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