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Tagged: / Posted: 30 March 2008

I am in the process of reading the book. Perhaps my comments are a little premature.I was disappointed to see Climate Change dealt with as some sort of battle between Greenpeace and the vested interests in the 'energy' industry. It may be different in Europe but here in Australia Green politics lacks any real commitment to a central belief. It deals with what it sees as issues as they arise. The Green movement is of course opposed by exceptionally powerful forces that get their strength from a completely mislead general population. But saving a thousand rain forests, protecting large numbers of animal species or talking about lower emissions of carbon will not save the planet. Public awareness of the necessity for action certainly helps. Even if it produces the kind of lies and distortions we have seen from the 'energy' industry; there is still the hope that what that industry is saying will not and can not withstand critical analysis. The news media is needed to advance and assist that analysis. So far it has failed. Whether the failure is the result the way the media is structured and/or other causes; your book is definitely a reasoned and sound approach to the manipulation of 'factual' material to suit the side putting the proposition. As far as lies are concerned, those told by Colin Powell have been exposed. Unfortunately the damage by that stage had been done. I can still see the pointer being used to show all the fictitious areas where WMD were. It beggars belief to suggest that such crucial information presented in this way could possibly have been the result of Powell being mislead or not properly advised. A ten year old student would be expected to make even the most basic inquiries before speaking to his class about the weather let alone telling the world exactly why large numbers of people are about to be and should be killed.

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