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Liked the book, one minor quibble

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Tagged: / Posted: 18 December 2008

I enjoyed the book, despite the rather depressing conclusion that there's not a great deal that can be done to arrest the problems highlighted. I did have one very specific gripe though, and I apologise if it's been mentioned before, and that's with a reference made on page 70: The paragraph "One memo from Pete Clifton takes this obsession...." suggests that congratulating staff on having fast loading web pages indicates some kind of unbalanced obsession with the speed at which news is delivered to customers. I don't think that's really fair or balanced. The relevance of page loading times is that customers tend to use websites that have fast loading pages in preference to those that load slowly. It's perfectly valid to congratulate staff on improving the usability of your website. If the pages of your news website take 20 seconds to load in a prospective reader's browser it doesn't mean they'll read your story in 20 seconds time - it means they won't read your story at all and will most likely use an alternative website for their news in preference in future. That gripe aside, good job!

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