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Tagged: / Posted: 7 May 2009

... explains why the news is so repetative and shallow these days. Unbridled commercialism/capitalism seems to hurt more than our banks and our pockets. Guess its a matter of balance like most things in life. There doesn't appear to be much limiting the commerical factors resulting in a very much dumbed down and vulnerable (to PR) press.

Hadn't realised how bad things had got. Has opened my eyes to the poor standard of reporting generally and I've been spreading the word. Also shouting at the radio and news broadcasts - 'Where are the facts?!'

Interesting related article by David Simon creator of 'The Wire' on the 'Democracy Now' website. Worth a read (even if the way it is displayed on the site is a bit dense).


Enjoyed the authors comments on Newswipe (Episode 6) also.

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