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Attention all fact-checkers: how old was the new millennium on 11 September 2001?

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Tagged: / Posted: 23 September 2009

According to page 33 of Nick's book, twenty months instead of eight.

Seriously though, this is a sensational book. Great job, Nick! As the son and grandson of British journalists working for nationals, I have listened endlessly to stories of slipping editorial standards over the years. I'll never forget the day I saw my angry father come home from Fleet Street in the eighties to announce that the editor had decided that Princess Diana would be on the front page every single day of the following week and would the journalists please oblige with stories and pictures...

As a matter of fact and a principle of math

Added: 9 January 2011

Since the new millenium took off on 01/01/2000, it reached the age of 20 months (i.e. 12+8) and 11 days on the notorious 09/11/2001. If not, the earth became flat indeed!

More a matter of opinion

Added: 6 April 2012

History records that the world celebrated the beginning of the 20th century on 1 January 1901, not 1900. So according to this reckoning the 21st century - and the new millennium - would start on 1 January 2001, not 2000.
But in latter times, the Gregorian calendar view has been challenged by the populist view that the new millennium should begin when "all the zeroes" come up, i.e. in 2000. This is the reckoning that Nick Davies uses on page 33 of the book.
There is no matter of fact or mathematical principle involved here, just two different opinions, I would suggest.

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