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A splendid book with a chapter missing

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Tagged: / Posted: 1 April 2009

Gosh,I won't be buying the Daily Mail any more on Canary Island holidays. Seriously, though, this is an important and well-argued book with a chapter missing. One key issue which has been the subject of a huge information management exercise is 'global warming' (which has somehow got snarled up with looking after the environment, which I have no problems with). Large corporations, politicians and academics have all become caught up in a drive to emulate King Canute and push back the tide of what may be just a natural phenomenon after all. This is precisely the kind of issue that Nick Davies should take up. He just touches briefly on the matter in his book. The huge complexities of the various issues involved have been reduced down, dare I say almost like the Daily Mail, to a simplified and not entirely unbiased campaign to 'save the planet', despite the inconvenient truths (to coin a phrase) which may well point to the causes being in an entirely different direction from man-man profligacy with our limited natural resources. Most significantly of all, there are large financial interests behind wind farms and greener this and greener that, which might just possibly be bending the facts in their profitable direction. And academics are no better: when did a scientist last get a grant to try and demonstrate that the effect of global warming (if it is indeed warming) is more or less benign? We all seem to be caught up in the same kind of mass hysteria as has generated the phenomenon of political correctness, and if anyone can tease out some of the big issues involved, it is Nick Davies. Rex Last (a retired academic)

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