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Tagged: / Posted: 31 May 2008

In Australia we are yet to feel the complete savagery of the medical profession's insatiable desire for personal wealth. There is no better place to see this in action than in debates, discussions or news release about health insurance.

The specialists and hospitals funded by 'private' sources have a vested interest in ruling the roost. They start by assuming that any form of public health can not be as 'good' as what can be provided by private enterprise. But you have to pay for the best.

The doctors want all the benefits of public and private; education largely at the public expense, tax breaks available to the wealthy, and ridiculous fees supported by private institutions. All in the name of better health care of course.

Enter the statistician stage right. It seems for instance that child obesity is not a problem at all. Why? Because 'studies have shown' that it is really only the poor or underprivileged who are increasing in weight. After all, what but excess would you expect from such a slothful and unimaginative group .

The tactic becomes not letting the facts get in the way. The not too subtle inference is that the poor are lazy, ignorant and unable to curb their base instincts for the lesser things in life. Unlike the iron pumping, jog about, powerwalking educated and privileged these are people with a problem that needs focussed attention.

At this point you leave out what that attention could possibly be, but whatever it is, it probably will not be cheap.

In the end a real problem has been reduced to almost no concern at all. The public relations output of the medical association combines perfectly with a lack of media ability to analyse the position.

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