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Tagged: / Posted: 9 August 2008

The daughter of Rupert Murdoch has recently been appointed a Trustee of the Tate in succession to Jon Snow. During the latter's term the Tate received plenty of publicity on Channel 4 News. Some Tate publicity has been wildly inaccurate (such as the front page headlines in The Independent that it had discovered thousands of works by Turner, which was wildly untrue). The journalists involved avoided responding and the papers published no corrections. Some may assume that art museums are generally ethical and have little to gain by managing the news. How wrong they are! Like other big institutions they rely on a favourable press, and almost never does the press make any serious investigation. The correspondence columns allow little space (very much less in generations past) and generally give the last word to the museums. The gossip columns of course thrive on inaccuracies. See www.stuckism.com

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