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Tagged: / Posted: 2 February 2009

An interesting couple of paragraphs from the Press Gazette column of February 2009 by Camilla Wright, editor of Popbitch, who knows a little bit about how celebrity PRs like to operate:

 "Increasingly, the celebrity's PR team includes 'a social media manager' who is employed to write the star's Twitter feed and market them through Facebook groups, among other duties.

 "Britney Spears' Twitter feed was in the news recently when hackers posted some explicit messages as if from her. It quickly became apparent that the regular tweeting was done by an employed hack rather than an unusually computer-literate pop star."

 The clear vulnerability of Facebook pages, Tweeting, blogs et al to manipulation by PR is surely one of the most powerful reasons (among very many) to resist the idea that, if journalism collapses, all will be well because citizen journalism and the wonders of the web will take its place.




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